Welcome to Professional Mortgage Corp.!

Thank you for visiting our website. Professional Mortgage Corp. has been providing our clients with residential mortgages for home purchase and  refinance since 1987.

  • Mortgage Pre-Qualification
  • New Down Payment Assistance Loans!
  • Standard Loan Products:
    Our loan offerings include Conventional, FHA, FHA 203K Full Rehab, FHA 203K Streamline, Fannie Mae RenovationVA, and USDA. We can provide a detailed illustration that will show which loan best meets your needs.
  • Alternative Loan Programs
    Low or no credit score.  Credit scores as low as 500
    Recent Bankruptcy  or Foreclosure
    Mortgage Late Payments
  • Income Challenges:
    Bank Statement Program using deposits to verify income.
    Asset Depletion.  Using the value of financial assets as income.
  • Reverse Mortgages:
    Seniors 62 and older are using the HUD insured HECM Reverse Mortgage to eliminate mortgage payments and receive cash to enhance their lifestyle.